Friday, June 22, 2012

Sir Norman Foster to redesign 
"Escuela Nacional de Ballet" La Habana Cuba

Cuban ballet star Carlos Acosta has selected Norman Foster to redevelop one of Cuba's unfinished spaces – the abandoned School of Ballet on the outskirts of Havana. Acosta studied ballet at the Cuban National Ballet School and has danced with the Royal Ballet since 1998.
The stunning, derelict building was never completed during the Cuban revolution, as the design and architects were deemed irrelevant in the prevailing political climate. Its cluster of domed volumes, designed in 1961 by Italian Vittorio Garatti, are connected by an organic layering of Catalan vaults that follow a winding path.
As reported on bdonline, Norman Foster told the Sunday Times: “Carlos is a great dancer who is inspiring the regeneration of an iconic ruin of early modernism outside Havana.
detail: Escuela Nacional de Ballet - La Habana Cuba
designed in 1961 by Italian Vittorio Garatti

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